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Hot Rolled, Pickled, and Oiled Sheets

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Properties of Hot Rolled, Pickled, and Oiled Sheets

Hot rolled, pickled, and oiled sheets have good ductility and are easy to fabricate. Specific applications include: lockers, steel barrels and drums, bins, partitions, and truck body. They have more applications than regular hot rolled sheets because of their superior smooth, clean, and pickled finish. They are suitable for stamping and ordinary drawing operations and are easily welded and punched. After cleaning, these scale-free sheets can be painted or enameled with satisfactory results. Uses include: household appliances, lockers, filing cabinets, toys, and automotive parts.

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Cold Rolled Sheet

Commercial quality oiled and conforms to ASTMA 1008/A1008M.


These are the most universally used commercial sheets, providing close dimensional tolerances and excellent fabricating qualities (can withstand moderate deformations and usually can be bent flat on itself without facture). Commercial quality sheets are not guaranteed against failure in the drawing operation. When, degreased, cold rolled commercial quality sheets are suitable for paint, lacquer, and enamel finishes. They are commonly used for fixtures, file cabinets, metal novelties, automobile and truck fenders, signs, panels, and lockers. Rolled to a maximum B60 Rockwell Hardness.


Galvanized Sheets

G90 lock forming quality


These galvanized sheets are soft, ductile, and flat. They are evenly covered with a tight coat of prime spelter, which provides a durable sheet with a base that is protected from corrosion.