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Standard Expanded Metal

Expanded metal is lighter per foot and stronger per pound than the sheet of metal from which it is made. The metal strands forming the open diamonds permit light, heat, sound, and air to pass through; yet present an impenetrable barrier to intruders. It is available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.


Standard, not flattened, expanded metal has a variety of uses, including baskets, bins, fencing, displays, gratings, grilles, guards, racks, reinforcing, screens, shelving, trays, enclosures, and partitions. Take a look at the standard expanded metal that is available (please note that other sizes are available on special order):

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Standard Expanded Metal Products

Nivert Metal Supply Inc provides standard expanded metal products, which are strong and lightweight. They allow for air circulation and visibility and can be easily riveted or welded to frames to meet design requirements. The metal can be cut and formed into practically any shape that you need.

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Flat Expanded Metal

Made by the same process as standard expanded metal, this product is then passed through a series of rolls that flatten the strands and bridges. It reduces the thickness of the original sheet, approximately two gauges, while retaining all the original metal.


Flattened expanded metal provides an almost unlimited number of uses due to it being decorative, strong, and easy to work with. Check out the available sizes below and remember that other sizes are available on special order:

Expanded Metal Grating

Expanded metal grating is the most practical and economical material you can use when a safe, strong, and non-slip surface is required. It is not woven, not welded, by sturdy, solid steel that is pierced and stretched from a single plate.


The open diamonds prevent the accumulation of slippery grease, mud, and snow, while still allowing light and air to pass through. It can be cut to fit irregular shapes and can be welded to supporting members. It has a neat appearance, long life, and is free from needing repairs and maintenance. It is low in cost and easy to construct, making it perfect for plant runways, catwalks, and working platforms.


We can furnish promptly the following other items of Expanded Metal Grating: Walkway 4.27 Ibs. per sq. ft. and Skywalk 3.14 lbs. per sq. ft.


Check out the approximate weights and dimensions:

Bar Grating and Steel Weights

Welded steel bar grating is stocked in 24" and 36 "widths x 24' lengths. Saw cutting services are provided per your specifications. For special applications or loadings (such as vehicles, etc.) we can provide other types in a variety of main and cross bar sizes and spacings.

Grip Strut Grating

Get Grip Strut Safety Flooring, which is a formed sheet metal channel with a slip-resistant surface. It can be fabricated into platforms, stairs, scaffolds, ramps, and more! It is made from galvanized steel sheet and is stocked in standard 12 ft. lengths. Check out the standard sizes that are available:

Standard-expanded-metal Flat-expanded-metal Expanding-metal-grating

Weights (Steel Only)

bar-grating1 Grip-strut-grating