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AISI C1018, C1045, C1117, C1141, 12L14, C1215, stressproof, fatigue proof

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Cold Finished Bar Products

Nivert Metal Supply Inc produces and supplies cold finished bar products, including screw steel and polished shafting.

We pride ourselves on providing quality services, materials, and processing capabilities.

Nivert Metal Supply Inc is a local, family owned and operated business that has served the area for over 75 years.

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Turned, Ground, and Polished


Cold finished: AISI C1045 and C1215


Cold Finished Squares

AISI C1018, C1018, C12L14, C1215


Cold Finished Hex

AISI C1018, C1018, C12L14, C1215


Cold Finished Flat

AISI C1018

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General Properties of Our Stock Grades

AISI C1018: An open hearth, low carbon steel widely used for shafts, tie rods, pins and similar parts when reasonably good machinability is required. This grade is extensively used for carburized parts such as piston pins, dowel pins, etc.


Chemical Analysis:

   Carbon        Manganese        Phosphorus        Sulphur

   .15/.20          .60/.90                  .04 Max.          .05 Max.


Physical Properties (average):

Cold drawn

Tensile strength: Lbs. per sq. in = 70/90,000

Yield point: Lbs. per sq. in = 65/75,000

Elongation in 2: 15/25%

Reduction of area: 45/55%

Brinell hardness: 150/180


Machinability: Cold Drawn C1018 has a machinability rating of 65% based on Cold Drawn B1112 as 100%. Average surface cutting speed is 125 feet per minute.


Weldability: This grade is easily welded by any of the common welding processes.


Recommended carburizing practice: Carburizing temperature 1650˚ to 1700˚ F., cool slowly, reheat 1400˚ to 1450˚ F., quench in water or brine. Draw to 250˚ to 400˚ F depending on desired properties.


AISI C1045: An open hearth steel in the medium carbon range with greater physical properties than lower carbon steels. A very good heat treating grade. Useful for studs and bolts. This grade will machine to a much smoother finish than C1018.


Chemical Analysis:

   Carbon         Manganese        Phosphorus        Sulphur

    .43/.50            .60/.90               .04 Max.          .05 Max.


Physical Properties (average):

Cold drawn

Tensile strength: Lbs. per sq. in = 91,000

Yield point: Lbs. per sq. in = 77,000

Elongation in 2: 12%

Reduction of area: 35%

Brinell hardness: 207


Machinability: Cold Drawn C1045 has a machinability rating of 55% based on Cold Drawn B1112 as 100%. Average surface cutting speed is 92 feet per minute.


Recommended heat treatment: Normalize 1600/1700˚ F., reheat 1525˚, quench in water or oil. Draw to desired hardness.

AISI 12L14 Properties

This grade of open hearth steel is an excellent choice where a higher rate of machinability plus a smooth finish is required. The small addition of lead gives an additional advantage of increasing tool life by reducing the friction between the chip and cutting edge. Used best for parts requiring considerable machining, such as couplings, bushings, and inserts. These machining advantages, plus the good ductility and transverse strengths of this grade, makes it suitable for parts to be bent, riveted, crimped, or carburized. It is not recommended for high temperature service applications.


Chemical Analysis:

   Carbon        Manganese        Phosphorous        Sulphur        Silicone        Lead

   .15/.20           .80/1.20                .04/.09              .25/.35       .10 Max.      .15/.35


Physical Properties (average):

Tensile strength PSI: 75/85,000

Yield point PSI: 60/75,000

Elongation in 2: 10/20%

Reduction of area: 45/55%


Machinability: 12L14 has a machinability rating of 180% based on Cold Drawn B1112 as 100%. Surface cutting speeds of up to 290 surface feet per minute are obtainable.


Weldability: The high sulphur content of this grade does not lend it readily to welding.


Hardening: Leaded Steel will respond to all ordinary heat treating processes – induction hardening, carburizing, tempering, quenching and nitriding.

AISI C1215 Properties

This grade of steel possesses excellent free cutting qualities and is suitable for screw machine operation. It is not used for parts subject to severe shock and fatigue stresses, nor recommended for forming, bending, or cold upsetting.


Chemical Analysis:

   Carbon        Manganese        Phosphorus        Sulphur

   .09 Max.        .075/1.05            0.04/0.09         0.26/0.35


Physical Properties (average):

• Tensile strength PSI: 80/100,000

• Yield point PSI: 65/85,000

• Elongation in 2: 10/20%

• Reduction of area: 40/50%

• Brinell hardness: 163/200


Machinability: This grade has a machinability rating of 136% based on Cold Drawn C1212 as 100%


Stressproof: This is a medium carbon grade of steel manufactured by LaSalle Steel. It has very good hardness, stress resistance, machinability and wear resistance properties “In the Bar,” usually with no further heat treating required.


Chemical analysis:

   Carbon        Manganese        Phosphorus        Sulphur        Silicone

   0.40/.048        1.35/1.65          0.040 Max.        0.24/0.33      0.16/0.30


Mechanical Properties:

Tensile strength: 130,000 PSI Avg.

Yield strength: 100,000 PSI Min.

Elongation in 2: 12% Avg.

Reduction of area: 34% Avg.


Machinability: 83% Based on 1212 AS 100%

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