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5052H32 Aluminum Sheet

5052-0 Soft Temper; 5052-H32 Quarter Hard: 5052-H34 Half Hard

Conforms to Federal Specification QQ-A-250/8

The tensile strength is about double the strength of commercially pure aluminum and includes 2.2 to 2.8% magnesium. The corrosion resistance makes it ideal for use in marine exposures and it has good workability, weldability, finishing characteristics, and strength. Commonly used for aircraft fuel tanks, storm shutters, refrigerator liners, utensils, vehicles, and electronic mounting plates and panels. It is non-heat treatable and has a mill finish.

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3003H14 Aluminum Sheet

Mill finish, this is the most popular of the formable grades of aluminum sheet. It conforms to Federal Specification QQ-A-250/2 and the principal alloying element is manganese, in amounts from 1.0 to 1.5%. It is non-heat treatable and has excellent weldability and corrosion resistance.

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Heat Treatable Aluminum Sheet

2024-T3 Conforms to Federal Spec. QQ-A-250/4

6061-T6 Conforms to Federal Spec. QQ-A-250/11


These two grades of heat-treatable aluminum sheets have limited formability characteristics, due to the relatively high tensile and yield strengths.

Aluminum Tread Plate

6061-T6 Conforms to Federal Specification

MIL-F-17132, Pattern B

Also available: 3003-H22

Non-sparking and nonmagnetic diamond tread plate is resistant to atmospheric corrosion and many industrial corrosive agents. The plates are easy to clean and provide strength necessary to withstand most industrial loads, without excessive deflection.


Made from 6061-T6 or 3003-H22 aluminum alloys with raised pattern on 1" centers, opposite to the smooth side. Diamond floor plate is approximately 66% lighter than solid steel flooring and is available in a variety of stock sizes, thicknesses, or it can be sheared to your requirements.

Aluminum Plain Plate

2024-T351 Conforms to Federal Spec. QQ-A-250/4

5052-H32 Conforms to Federal Spec. QQ-A-250/8

*6061-T651 Conforms to Federal Spec. QQ-A-250/11

*6061-T651 Aluminum Plate is stress relieved by stretching following the heat treatment. This prevents warpage during machining and permits tight machining tolerances.

Aluminum Tool and Jig Plate

This product is stress relieved following casting, minimizing distortion in any plate during machining. The plate is machined smooth on both sides to a finish of 25 micro-inches that eliminates the need for surface machining.


*Thickness through 11/2 carried in stock - other thicknesses available. This is a 7000 series type alloy.

Aluminum Bar

2011-T3 Screw Machine Stock is an excellent machining alloy for producing fine finished parts at high speed. The fine chips break up readily, encourage higher feeds and less tool wear. Produces an excellent machined finish. Strength is good, formability average. Can be anodized to enhance corrosion resistance. Conforms to Federal Specification QQ-A-225/3C.


2017-T4 Screw Machine Stock is an aluminum alloy with machinability that approaches 2011-T3. It is particularly suitable for deep drilling operations. Formability and corrosion resistance are good. Strength is approximately the same as 2011-T3. Conforms to Federal Specification QQ-A-225/5C.


2024-T4 Aluminum Bar is stronger than either 2011-T3 or 2017-T4. It can be machined satisfactorily — in some cases at speeds that approximate the screw machine alloys when special care and methods are used. Drawn conforms to Federal Specification QQ-A-225/6C; Extruded conforms to QQ-A-200/3C.


6061-T6 Aluminum Bar offers highest the resistance to corrosion of all heat-treated rod and bar alloys, but has lower strength. Used when maximum corrosion resistance is important. Readily welded. Drawn conforms to Federal Specification QQA-225/8C; Extruded conforms to QQ-A-200/8C.


6063-T5 Extruded Aluminum Bar is generally used for architectural and ornamental applications. It is highly corrosion resistant, can be formed with ease and is one of the most readily weldable alloys. The finish is pleasing and is suitable for anodizing. Like 6061-T6, strength and machinability is somewhat less than for the 2xxx (copper type) aluminum alloys. Conforms to Federal Specification QQ-A-200/9B.

Aluminum Round

Available: 2011-T3, 2017-T4, 2017-T451*, 2024-T4 2024-T351*, 6061-T6, 6061 -T651*, 7075-T6, and 7075-T651*.


*Mechanical properties not guaranteed on these sizes.

Aluminum Hexagons

Available: 2011-T3, 2024-T4, and 2024-T351*


*Stress Relieved

Aluminum Square and Aluminum Flat

6061-T6 Aluminum Beam

Produced with rounded ends and with filets at the inside corners. They are designed for structural applications but can be used for any application that requires high strength, machinability, and weldability.

6063-T5 Aluminum Extruded Shapes

Constructed with sharp outside and inside corners and square ends, which are generally required in architectural and ornamental applications. They have reasonably good strength, excellent finish, and are corrosion free and weldable.

Aluminum Round Tube

Aluminum Square Tube

Aluminum Rectangular Tube

Aluminum Pipe

All Pipe and Tubing can be certified to its applicable specification, and upon request, can be supplied with chemical and physical analysis.

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